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16th-May-2004 08:31 pm(no subject)

Just an introduction...

My name is Caroline. I have just created a journal called Professional Knowledge. Mainly I'm using it for an assignment for uni, where I have to outline my educational philosophy.

I'm in my last year of Japanese Education (I'm going to be a Japanese teacher). Last year, I was working at a primary school in Japan (teaching years 5 and 6). It was the best experience!!! :D

I hope you don't mind, but I've added this community to my friends list, as I think it's got relevance to my 'professional knowledge'. Please feel free to leave comments and stuff on my journal (but keep in mind that most of it is going to be notes until I get around to fixing it! So it might not make sense!)

Thanks! See ya,

18th-Feb-2004 08:58 am - I just keep telling myself
Just a few more months till school is out and my son will have a new teacher!!! i kno there is not much this school system will do for him in kindergarden but this women is just Stupid!
she is undecided in her life and it is in turn hurting the kids she teaches.. she is teaching K but last year she was teaching 3rd grade and the year before that was 2nd and before that 5th! there should be some sort of rule stopping someone from jumping around like that.. How can someone who has expierence with 5th 3rd and 2nd graders even start to understand kids who are just starting out in most cases.
she has stopped alot of the 8 pages of homework a night she was giving the kids. At first i thought it was just her trying to catch John up cause he is so behind but now i find she does this to all the kids.
John Will be moving in to 1st grade next year but certianly not because of his grades.. because the ESE classes can't help him in Kindergarden. so I just Hope and Pray the women goes anywhere but the 1st grae cause there is NO WAY IN HELL she will teach my kid again..
I have tried to get him moved but no luck...
13th-Jan-2004 10:55 pm - Sigh
I spoke with the Guidance Counselor today On behalf of my son john.. John is devlopmentaly challenged,ADHD,ODD,mild bipolar
he is now in his second year of kindergarten his twin sister has moved forward.. well i was a little upset about him staying but knew it was what he needed to "catch up" but my agreement with the acting counselor at the time was that he would be retained in the same class with the same teacher (he does not take change well) he didn't get the right teacher but i was willing to give this new one a chance well here we are half way through the year and i am not happy with her conduct when regarding my son. i hope i didn't wait to long to seek a change in the situation but i was so worried it was me as it is well known i do not "clique" with this woman.. (she is anal to say the least) but she tells my son he doesn't need his medicine even what he takes for his migraines she says "one day you will have to deal without it so you might as well start now" on days he might have missed a dose she has NEVER said anything positive to me about my son.. it is always always bad... she Said she would talk tot he teacher and see what she can find out but i don't know i just want the best for my kids. i told the counselor that i am sure she is a wonderful teacher she just might not be the right one for my son and that is ok
Man i just hate to uproot him like this he takes so so so ling to settel in and there is no saying they would be able to give him his old teacher again...
sorry ust had to vent a little
12th-Jan-2004 05:32 pm - But.....................
Why is it that everytime I say anything for Jeremy to stop doing something or to do something he always has a comment to make which usualy starts with "But I.................."

The talking back is getting worse as well.


What do you do when this happens with your school age child?
4th-Jan-2004 02:32 pm - ABC Farewell
A, B, C Farewell

A is for the alphabet when we know how to say.
B is for busy bodies – at work and at play.
C is for colors – red, yellow, blue, and green.
D is for drawing pictures, the best you’ve ever seen.
E is for exercise to keep our bodies strong.
F is for the fun we’ve had as we have gone along.
G is for the good friends we made throughout the year.
H is for happy faces, filled with love and cheer.
I is for imagination used at every turn.
J is for good jobs and the praises we have earned.
K is for kindergartners – hip, hip, hooray!
L is for learning – more and more each day.
M is for minding and showing our respect.
N is for numbers. One, two, three … correct?
O is for the obstacles we learned to overcome.
P is for puppets and for playing rhythms on a drum.
Q is for all the questions we’ve asked throughout the year.
R is for reading stores, even those that bring a tear.
S is for different snacks, several we have tried.
T is for talking. It’s not to be denied.
U is for unusual; it fits some things we’ve done.
V is for volunteers – parents and everyone!
W is for the world of words we’ve barely dipped into.
X is for extra special kids – it’s him, it’s her, it’s you.
Y is for yes, it has been a great year!
Z is for first-grade zest. We're ready, have no fear!
~Author Unknown
1st-Jan-2004 11:43 pm - Thanks Stephanie f
for making this Community i think it is a great idea

I gave you life, but cannot live it for you.
I can give you directions, but I cannot be there to lead you.

I can take you to church, but I cannot make you believe.

I can buy you beautiful clothes,but I cannot make
you beautiful inside.

I can give you love, but I cannot force it upon you.

I can teach you to share, but I cannot make you unselfish.

I can teach you respect, but I cannot force you to show honor.

I can advise you about friends, but cannot choose them for you.

I can advise you about sex, but I cannot keep you pure.

I can tell you about alcohol & drugs,but I cannot
say "no" for you.

I can tell you about lofty goals, but I cannot achieve
them for you.

I can teach you about kindness, but I cannot force you
to be gracious.

I can pray for you, but I cannot make you walk with God.

I can tell you how to live, but I cannot give you
eternal life.

I can love you with unconditional love all of my
life....and I will.
--Author Unknown
1st-Jan-2004 09:23 pm - I thought this was kind of fun
Something to do with the kids on rainy days or just to have fun

Daddy Bingo
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