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Hello everyone, I am a young male high school teacher, and I am just… 
17th-Sep-2004 05:51 pm
Hello everyone,
I am a young male high school teacher, and I am just starting my third year teaching. However, I am struggling with how I should deal with a particular situation. I teach an elective with 7 students, all girls. I have had these students for over two years now, and know them very well.Anyways, there is one girl who has always seemed healthy and happy, and of a normal weight. However, as the weeks have passed I have seen her waste away to the point that she is now skin and bones. She just isn't the same person, and I am pretty sure she has an eating disorder. I don't know how to address this, if I should at all. I am male, and am not sure if it would be best for me to approach her about it, as I think it might be better coming from a woman. However, I know her pretty well and I am very concerned and want to help. Do you think I should talk to her myself, or tell the school psychologist, or maybe a female teacher? Or should I call home? Thanks for the help.
21st-Oct-2004 07:38 pm (UTC)
i would definately contact the school psychologist FIRST and inform them of what you've observed...and leave it up to them to handle the situation in a professional manner. your school's psychologist is trained to deal with these types of situations and knows exactly how to deal with the parents of the child. if the girl does indeed have an eating disorder, she will most likely start talking to a therapist about it.
you've done your job by realizing the problem... now its time to turn it over to the professionals.
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